Creative Services for Your Wellbeing

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, offline workshops for individuals will resume in 2021.

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Group Workshops –  Now Online 

Designed to equip participants with accessible tools to quickly and easily de-stress, as well as to connect with the creative thought process. 

Why might your group benefit from a  creative workshop?

Creative activities are a highly effective way to process our emotions, relieve stress, and support good mental health. Creativity is a phenomenal stress-buster and its wealth of therapeutic benefits can help us to re-frame our thoughts around challenges and obstacles.

These workshops guide your group through an accessible way to enjoy art, focusing the mind in a highly beneficial way. People often surprise themselves, especially the people who believe they are “not artistic”.

If this is something you think your team would enjoy, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can create an experience that works for you.

I am a field sales business manager and had Rebecca run a session for my team using her art therapy wellness approach. We have found working from home throughout lockdown fairly challenging and stressful emotionally, as we are salespeople first and foremost, and are used to being out in the field each day connecting with colleagues and customers. I noticed my team were losing focus and were struggling with motivation, and I was concerned about performance and mental health. As a result, I wanted my team to have a kind of ‘wellness retreat’ session and a bit of teambuilding, so Rebecca was incredibly helpful to us in working with me to tailor a relevant session for my team of 10. The session was incredibly well received, I believe that we have helped to break down interpersonal barriers and forge a stronger and more supportive team. It also allows me as a manager to have an awareness of the stresses that are different for each person and how I can support them better in the future, which is invaluable. The pictures allowed a way to express the stresses and anxiety that everyone was feeling in a non threatening way and in a way that everyone could understand and feel comfortable with. It didn’t matter how good at art you were because of the options Rebecca talks about. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca and her art therapy sessions to anyone who wants to understand their team better, invest in team development, support and develop their team, and do some team building. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the team are keen to do another session!



Rebecca held a group session for our ladies to help them slow down and to be more present. The ladies were really inspired by Rebecca’s story on how and why she became an artist and why she wanted to deliver this session to them all. Being working women with children it’s hard for them to catch 5 minutes, but the way Rebecca took us through her journey reminded them how important it is to live in the moment.


The session was professional and informative, we were provided with everything we needed to create beautiful tranquil masterpieces (or to just scribble if that’s what we needed). The ladies were so engrossed in their mandala art that time flew by.


I’d really recommend attending a workshop with Rebecca for anyone that is keen to practise mindfulness, to find alternatives for meditation and who wants to de-stress.


Emma Regan

Founder of The Nourishment Academy