Peaceful Heart Workshops

Soothing workshops in collaboration with Annabel Yoga  We have created a truly uplifting experience, within a welcoming environment. 

Yoga, guided meditation and mandala art, in a tranquil space to stretch our bodies and clear our minds, for a wonderul wellbeing experience.

These workshops are suitable for all levels of yoga and art, including beginners. Currently run in Godstone Surrey, if you would like to discuss us running a workshop for your group, please get in touch.

In today’s busy world, gift yourself some time to just ‘be’, and leave us equipped with new strategies for wellness.

Upcoming Workshops

October 19th – 10am until 4pm a soothing day retreat in a tranquil location

£60 per person, or bring a friend and each save £10! 

“I found the workshop hugely helpful, in simply recognising the value in taking time for myself, in a nurturing and non-competitive environment.”

Susan, workshop attendee. 

Wellbeing Coaching

I have over 15 years of experience coaching others to succeed. Now specialising in personal exploration to improve wellbeing; connecting with our authentic self, in order to live in alignment with our core values.

At some time or another we will all experience a sense of feeling ‘stuck’, often we are living out of alignment with our personal values and might need support to reconnect with ourselves, in order to explore what these values are. Our wellbeing depends upon looking at the whole picture, so that we can regain balance and move forwards. 

 Together we will explore your goals, motivations, patterns of behaviour and accompanying beliefs.  Using a range of creative strategies I will support you to look inwards with absolute honesty and free from fear of any judgment, our sessions are absolutely confidential.  

Equipped with an improving level of self-awareness and with tools that work for you, we will create a structure, with realistic short and long term time-bound goals that are set by you. Our regular sessions together will enable us to review progress, there is a ‘touch base’ structure for between sessions, as most people find that accountability is critical to success in many areas of their lives.

Wellbeing coaching is a promise to yourself that requires honesty and commitment.   Results will not be overnight, the climb always comes before the glorious views at the summit! However there are constant opportunities to experience a sense of satisfaction along the way – self-discovery inevitably leads to us recognising our strengths, and this in itself is a significant personal development milestone.  

  • One to one coaching sessions
  • Interim email & telephone support
  • Personally tailored  programme which will evolve with you
  • Wellbeing tools for life 

Get in touch to discuss how I can support you to unlock your true potential…

” The experience of working with you over the last few months has literally transformed my way of thinking about certain areas of my life and given me a much greater clarity and perspective. Using the creative processes to express my thoughts and feelings, I felt safe and the emotions that came up felt less scary/threatening and more manageable (also because of your supportive coaching!) I would highly recommend this kind of coaching for anyone who wants to work on themselves, or an area of their life they feel maybe confused about and any areas that are emotionally difficult or challenging. “