Upcoming Workshops

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my workshops are currently being re-shaped and rescheduled!

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Peaceful Heart’ – online workshop

Saturday 25th July & 22nd August 

14.30 – 17.00

In collaboration with Annabel Yoga

An uplifting experience, within the comfort of your own home. 

Yoga, guided meditation and reflective mandala art, we have shaped this workshop to reduce stress and stretch our bodies, for a truly peaceful experience.

Suitable for all levels of yoga and art, including beginners.

  • £17 per person
  • £5 per additional person sharing your screen.
  • Children welcome (accompanied by an adult)
  • Using free app ‘Zoom’

‘Tune into Summer’

Exact date TBC – we are hoping for August.

10.00 – 16.30

In collaboration with Jakki Hesse Therapies, this is a unique opportunity to connect with nature physically, emotionally and creatively. 

We will be using tuning forks on this woodland and meadow adventure in ‘Happy Valley’ (Coulsdon Surrey), connecting with our surroundings using soothing sound therapy. Nature inspired art will follow,  this will also be outdoors in order to maintain social distancing.

Further details will follow as soon as we are able to confirm the date.

This workshop is a must for nature lovers and is perfect for all levels of art – including complete beginners.

£60 per person 

Details to follow for: 

  • Crystals & Creations – healing workshop including creating gem-stone embellished artwork.
  • Sensory Creations – a feast for all 5 senses, including live music!
  • ‘Sound & Creativity’ – bathe in  therapeutic sound vibrations which will ignite and unleash your creativity. 
  • Glass painting at ‘Pedricks Zero Waste’ shop in Caterham, join the #refillnotlandfill movement and create beautiful glass for your refills.


Mandala Workshops for your Group – now online 

Designed to equip participants with accessible tools to quickly and easily de-stress, as well as to connect with the creative thought process. 

Why might your group benefit from a  creative workshop?

Creative activities are a highly effective way to process our emotions, relieve stress, and support good mental health. Creativity is a phenomenal stress-buster and its therapeutic benefits can help us to re-frame our thoughts around challenges and obstacles.

These workshops guide your group through an accessible way to enjoy art, focusing the mind in a highly beneficial way. People often surprise themselves, especially the people who believe they are “not artistic”.

If this is something you think your team would enjoy, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can create an experience that works for you.