I am so incredibly happy to launch my website, thank you to my brilliant web developer Daniel Watson for his talent, expertise and unending patience! What exciting news I have to share on this, my very first, blog – I am exhibiting at ‘Inspiring Change’, a festival running through May and June and kicking off at Network Theatre Waterloo on 13th May. Inspiring Change is a series of incredible performances and wrap around events, all of which are on the topic of, and lending their voice to, mental health awareness. As an artist I know the therapeutic benefits offered by creativity, so what better platform to share such important messages from? Most of us have experienced mental health challenges and we all know that it is a growing concern in children and young people, with an alarming trend of increasingly younger sufferers of depression and anxiety. Mental health is already a huge conversation, I’ve no doubt that this festival will spark many more with the ultimate goal of inspiring a more compassionate approach.

My painting ‘The Connection’ has been selected as a cover image for the festival; this piece represents a ‘conversation’ on a profound level, a level where words are not needed. Sometimes we do not have words to discuss our feelings, or perhaps we have a very real and insurmountable barrier to processing and expressing what we are going through, but when we are treated with compassion we can still feel ‘heard’ and experience a sense of peace.

If you would like to know more about ‘Inspiring Change’, you can find a full list of events and booking information at mindfitness.training

I really hope to see you at one of the events, please come over and say hello!

Rebecca x