Two Robins, One Summer’s Day


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During the Summer robins can be less visible, but I have enjoyed my regular visitor throughout the season and have often felt we are having a little chat. I hear his beautiful burst of song before he appears, particularly at dusk when he swoops in from the laurel across the garden. It was this dramatic entrance that inspired this painting, I have added Mrs Robin as it seemed only fair that they both get to cool down!

These beautiful visits and profound ‘exchanges’ have led to me learning a little more about robins in a spiritual sense… as a totem or ‘spirit animal’ they are considered to herald a season of fresh beginnings, like Spring, full of new opportunities and positive change. This can signal a period of personal expansion, transformation and growth – as if we needed any more reasons to love robins!

This collection will continue to grow, I am a nature lover who particularly enjoys watching the birds in my garden from where I paint, so much inspiration! I am touched by the lovely messages I frequently receive since beginning this collection, robins really do seem to have a special place in our hearts.

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