Two Robins, Four Blessings


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Our robins have been blessed with 4 beautiful eggs, they are safely tucked away in a mossy nest, at the heart of a camellia in full bloom. Mother will keep them warm, while father keeps both parents well fed.

Robins have particularly strong parenting instincts and have been known to feed the young of other birds. What beautiful teachers they are, instinctively giving and sustaining another bird’s family, even though they may need to compete for food later on. Nature is full of wisdom, and when we are open to receiving, we can learn so much. 

This collection will continue to grow, I am a nature lover who particularly enjoys watching the birds in my garden, from where I paint, so much inspiration! I am touched by the lovely messages I frequently receive since beginning this collection, robins really do seem to have a special place in our hearts.

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