Every heart has a story to tell, but sometimes words just aren’t enough…
My story centres around the connection to life purpose, when Art became my catalyst for change in my journey to health and healing. As a result I am a wellbeing creative on a mission to bring you inspiration, colour and empowerment.
Here you will find vibrant artworks, creative resources and wellbeing services that offer you

Creative Connections to Wellbeing

About Rebecca

When I was a little girl, I was always to be found drawing. I pursued my creative passion throughout school but following my studies at college, life took a different turn and my dreams were (temporarily) left unrealised.

25 years went by…

Throughout my varied career I was incredibly ambitious, never pausing to take notice of the ‘square peg in a round hole’ sensation that niggled me. My body sent me a wealth of red flags in the shape of recurring illness, which I also ‘filtered out’. I danced precariously around the edges of burnout for a number of years.

In 2016 I encountered a traumatic event, for several months I was silently and discreetly falling apart. One day realisation dawned that only I could make the necessary changes and I began to address my wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

The life-changing ‘inner work’ I was doing needed somewhere to express itself… I decided to paint and so my creative spark was reignited! I was reconnected with my true self and I have not looked back – well only to feel thankful for the journey!

I am now on a mission to share the creative path to improved wellbeing with others. I am so glad you found me here, enjoy your colourful visit and keep in touch,

Rebecca x